livlettuceEdible Garden’s Butterhead Lettuce has a delicate and mildly sweet flavor with a firm crisp texture. Our lettuce is grown hydroponically, which is a soilless method of cultivation that allows for us to deliver our products to your grocer with their root systems intact. This means your Butterhead Lettuce is still alive assuring that it is the healthiest and freshest option on the market. From the moment of harvest our competitor’s products have begun to decay, degrading flavor and causing the loss of valuable nutrients. Instead, our living lettuce plants continue to thrive allowing you to be the gardener harvesting live greens in your own kitchen at the exact moment you need them. Discover for yourself the difference in freshness and flavor of Edible Garden’s living Butterhead Lettuce in your favorite recipes or try some of our kitchen-tested recommendations. You will not be disappointed!

As local farmers we exclusively grow, pack and ship our own products ensuring that we can monitor and guarantee safety and quality from seed to delivery. Edible Garden’s products are grown free of pesticides, herbicides, and field debris.